Use Case

Sea Shipping Logistics

Our APIs let you easily manage complex procedures required by international sea shippings. Documents validation and smart contracts implementation can really speed up bureaucracy with customs, a wise use of Blockchain can optimize costs and time, making it appetible for all the stakeholders involved.

  • Tracking

    With the APIs you can access the Blockchain to track goods movimentation around the world;

  • Custom Checks

    APIs let you create and manage smart contracts to carry out customs procedures;

  • Legal documentation

    Validate in Blockchain, through our APIs, any document like Bill of Transportation, credit letters, etc.

Sea Shipping Logistics
Internet of Things

Internet of Things

With IoT devices invasion in our homes and cities, massive data management will be a challenge, Blockchain can surely afford it and our APIs can make the process easy to comply.

  • Safer


  • Increased Speed of Transactions

    Automatise a lot of procedures, even complex one, keeping the reliable with smart contracts;

  • Cheaper

    No more intermediaries with our APIs, you can join the Blockchain that will do most of the work.


Accessing a Blockchain network may be definitely expensive in terms of time and money, our APIs make it much simpler:

  • Timestamping

    The time and date related on a document is unambiguous and undeniable;

  • Hashing

    Every document is marked unambiguously;

  • Speed

    With OYB APIs what was needed days to be completed, with its unavoidable legal expenses, now asks just few minutes.



The use of telematics and IoT devices has certainly revolutionized the insurance sector and made it able to acquire and analyze huge amounts of data in real time; however, the absolute complexity of the insurance sector is determined by the traditional management of the accident, creating visibility gaps that can be used to carry out fraudulent activities. The OYB APIs allow access to the potentiality of the blockchain to detect fraudulent activities and to manage IoT systems and claims for damages in a transparent and automated way.

Fraud detection and prevention

  • Documents validation in blockchain and automated sharing through smart contract to detect multiple claims requests related to the same claim;
  • Validation of insurance contracts in order to avoid fraudulent insurance brokerage activities.

Smart & Connected Insurance

  • Data validation from IoT insurance systems (connected car, smart home, connected health);
  • Automation of claims and related payments through Smart Contract.


The pharmaceutical sector presents a lot of management complexities both for the number of actors / stakeholders that are part of it and for the multiple regulations imposed by the regulatory entities of each country; the OYB APIs allow you to take advantage of the blockchain to manage documentations transparently, to regulate the relationships between the actors and to automate the procedures for sharing documents through smart contracts.

Data and documents certification

  • Certification and transparent sharing of drug tracking and monitoring data to optimize logistics and for anti-tampering;
  • Validation of documents relating to the production processes in compliance with GMP and Data Integrity regulations.

Validated processes management

  • Notarized management of patents, clinical studies and pharmacovigilance activities;
  • Management of pharmaceutical reps visits to doctors through smart contract and data integration in the CRM systems.