G-Cloud 13

Own Your Business (OYB) announced that it is now a supplier on the G-Cloud 13 framework of the UK government. The framework is part of the government’s Crown Commercial Service.

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G-Cloud 13

Solution description

Solution for the notarisation of digital assets in Blockchain, for the certification of processes and documents to guarantee transparency and traceability. 
It provides an interface with permission-less Blockchain, guaranteeing immutability, authenticity and integrity of any digital asset. The service integrates with existing systems and applications and GDPR compliant & Data Protection Act.


Blockchain integration in a few minutes, with few lines of code, into systems and applications.


Platform avoids the necessity of purchasing additional infrastructure.


Connection bridge with the Blockchain without entrusting information to third parties.


Access Blockchain without entrusting information to third parties
GDPR compliant & Data Protection Act
Facilitate connecting to most popular public blockchains
Integrates with processes and systems easily without changing the UX & UI

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