Ylium Platform

The Ylium Platform

Allow Blockchain integration into business processes 
Any process & Any Application & Any Device

The foundation group developed the Core components that orchestrate the operations with the blockchain and a number of scalable user friendly dApps, ready to use and freely available, that allow the enterprises to easily manage the interactions between their processes and the underlying blockchain.  
The platform is  OPEN to Users, Organizations, Technology provider.
A key goal of the Ylium project is to enable Creators and Partners to develop new Application Components that are made freely available to the community.


Guarantee of Data authenticity and unicity; 
Data & process  traceability and Certify data integrity;
Verification of data  authenticity and detection of counterfeit documents;


Green blockchain technology adoption (Polygon);
Competitive speed/cost for transaction;
GDPR Compliance & Data Protection Act

Ylium Application Components

Ylium Core

Ylium Core

Solution that allows seamless integration of the Blockchain into processes and applications in a secure and rapid manner, without modifying User eXperience (UX) & User Interfaces (UI), without distracting the business from the daily tasks.

Ylium Dappressi

Ylium  DAPP

The Smart Dapp is a free software component available either on-prem or on the cloud, its primary purpose is to allow the partners and the developers community to create and implement WEB 3.0 applications to share with the market

Ylium ID


Application data & process blockchain:
Software application, designed and built for companies, to allow for notarization of data and documents in the blockchain, in compliance with GDPR legislation.

Ylium NFT


A secure NFT service & application Platform for corporates and individuals for the creation of NFT with the possibility of customising the layout (White Label) and customising the functions according to your business process.

Ylium SSI


Identity user management on both business application and back-office side. 
Transparent verification and tracing of notarised data. 
Notarised data and the risk score returned by the AML process certainty and non-modifiability.
Traceability and speed in being able to verify the previously validated data through a user-friendly Back Office system for each customer.

Do you want to be part of the ecosystem?

YLM Platform

Ylium Application Component

Join the Ylium community and choose a freely available component to start.


YLM Core

Features Core Component:
Data Notarization
Write in blockchain up to 9000 characters
Data Verify
Data invalidation
Data history (Audit Blockchain)


YLM Client

Free Software
Integration YLM Core
Integration WEB 2.0


YLM Wizard

Features Ylium Wizard:
Create Credentials use YLM Core
Configure your wallet (net & YLM token)
Approve use your YLM token
Delegated account

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