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The companies that integrate and develop innovative Blockchain applications

Focused on development of innovative digital applications, business models and enterprise organizational models in different sectors such as: Agrifood, Telco, Banking.

Company specialized in AML & KYC solutions to control the risk of money laundering and terrorist financing, solutions for online payments through credit cards, debit cards and money transfers.

Specialised on solutions for product authenticity, designer and producer of VISEQR solution to avoid falsification and tampering.

Develop and integrate new technologies in Industry 4.0 projects.Solutions for automation, notarization and verification of data and processes in blockchain.

Business Community that grows everyday and shares their competencies and skills to help you to achieve your goals.

For about twenty years it deals with marketing and digital communication for luxury customers.

Start-up that uses blockchain technology to register and share clinical data in a safe way, protecting them and improving health care.

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