Blockchain consulting

We help companies to adopt the Blockchain through the use of consolidated, modular and adaptable methodologies to any business context, evaluating all the impacts related to the technology

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Blockchain Integration Framework

We holistically evaluate all aspects related to Blockchain technology, ensuring correct and efficient integration.

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Definition of strategic objectives and possible benefits; analysis of the legal context, of the processes and of the stakeholders involved. Evaluation of Blockchain Readiness.



Definition of the best Blockchain solution with a focus on technological, business and process details, in line with the strategic objectives defined in the assessment.

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Implementation of the Blockchain solution, configuration and deployment of Smart Contract, development of detailed functionalities and release of the various software components.


Test and go-live

Testing and verification of the correct functioning of the solution, testing of the entire solution (backend, frontend, smart contract), definitive and go-live release.

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Distinctive elements

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Consolidated expertise

Multi-year experience in the provision of professional services and in the development of Blockchain projects both with Public Administrations and with Private Entities.

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Holistical approach

Multidisciplinary skills capable of evaluating all the impacts connected to Blockchain technology (business, technology and legal) at 360 degrees.

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Adaptable framework

Adoption of a modular methodology that can be adapted to any business context to ensure correct use of Blockchain technology.