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Shaping the business of the future.

Why to becom OYB partner?
Our program, based on a structure that facilitates collaboration with partners to deliver customer-centric solutions and services, offers a wide range of services to ensure mutual success and meet the needs of different types of customers. Blockchain innovation to support our partners' business.

Partner Program

Joining our Partner Program you can use Blockchain solutions in White Label in order to create new business models and digital applications in a fast way without any investments risks.

In summary: 
RedApp (Repository Ethereum Data) application for data/documents notarization in blockchain. Try for free the application at the following link:
Smart API Blockchain solution data& notarization:

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Become our Partner

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    Become our Partner and let's build together the business of the future through Blockchain innovation. 

    By clicking on "Become a partner", you send a request for information on how to become an OYB Partner. You acknowledge that no partnership, business relationship or right is created through your request.