Frequently Asked Questions

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Yes, you can use our demo account to test the APIs up to a maximum of 100 requests per hour..
The goal of OYB is only one, providing everyone a gateway to integrate a Blockchain, without worrying about managing infrastructure costs, security costs, development of additional multi-chains code, we also provide ready-made smart contract templates to use. We think of everything!
You can interact with our services through HTTP. You can use whatever language you want as long as it has support to send HTTP requests (e.g Golang, NodeJS with Axios, PHP with cUrl).
Check in the spam, or wait an hour, if after 2 hours you don't get anything contact our support: [email protected]
No. We take care of everything, the OYB APIs will be your Blockchain access gateway.
OyB development team can help with web and mobile application development.based on customer needs. The consultative activity can be carried out remotely or on-site if required.