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Essentially, the blockchain is a distributed digital ledger capable of storing data of any kind. A blockchain can record information about cryptocurrency transactions and ownership of NFTs, which are non-fungible digital tokens.
The blockchain is a shared and immutable ledger that facilitates the process of recording transactions and tracking assets in a business network.
Every blockchain has its own purpose and usage; the most widely distributed ones are Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Polygon, ensuring better performance.
The Blockchain can provide a more secure option regarding data sharing, traceability, and immutability across various sectors such as Agriculture, Insurance and Travel Companies, Public Administration, Automotive, Luxury, Fashion, and many others.
We offer a wide range of blockchain services and solutions. Our goal is to help businesses leverage technology to achieve their objectives.
No. The Ylium technology allows you to be decentralized and connect to the blockchain network without any technical or economic commitment.
We also offer on-premises services; contact our sales department for more information: [email protected]
Through the implementation of blockchain technological solutions, OwnYourBusiness.tech can help your company improve operational processes, increase productivity, reduce costs, build trust and transparency with customers, thus driving business growth and expansion.
Yes, we understand that every company has unique needs. We offer customized services to adapt to the specific requirements of your business, ensuring solutions that align perfectly with your business goals. Contact us: [email protected].
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Ylium is an advanced platform that utilizes blockchain technology to provide innovative solutions in various sectors, including supply chain management, data security, and decentralized finance. Our platform is designed to make blockchain accessible and easy to use for businesses of all sizes.
The main advantages of Ylium include increased security and transparency in transactions, improved operational efficiency through process automation, and the ability to track and verify information in an immutable and decentralized manner.
Yes, Ylium is designed to be flexible and compatible with various business systems. Our technical team works closely with clients to ensure a seamless integration with existing systems, fast and without altering the customer experience.
Ylium enhances supply chain management by providing complete real-time visibility into every stage of the process, from production to delivery. This helps companies reduce risks, improve efficiency, and ensure the authenticity of products.
Absolutely. Ylium is designed to be scalable and accessible, making it ideal for both large enterprises and SMEs. We offer flexible and customizable plans based on the specific needs of each company.
To get started with Ylium, you can find all the necessary information here and contact our sales team: [email protected]. We offer an initial consultation to understand your needs and provide a customized solution that fits your business.