ViSeQR: anti-tampering solutions

OYB and ViDiTrust have designed a solution that ensures companies the blockchain certification of their supply chain, by applying the ViSeQR anti-tampering tag, a QrCode that cannot be cloned, to the product!

Solution ViSeQR

Who is it for?

It is for companies that need to protect their product from tampering phenomena, guaranteeing the consumer a quick and simple verification.


System for the protection of company products, sustainable and easily integrated into existing production processes; possibility of applying an anti-tampering tag notarized on the blockchain to the product.


Manufacturers of all types of components dedicated to these industries are regularly victims of the sale of counterfeit components and the level of sophistication of counterfeiters to disguise their bad deeds has reached alarming levels.
For these industries, ViSeQR can be used on packaging, but also on direct product labeling with different levels of security.


All brands of the luxury segment, without exception, are regularly victims of fake production of goods. Their manufacture is sometimes very close to the original parts, but the huge investment in marketing and promoting these products and their branding is severely damaged by counterfeiting.

Protect your product, protect your company

The food & beverage industry is forced to fight counterfeiting on a daily basis and the risk of smuggling causes serious damage to the manufacturing companies. Food and luxury products are easy to reproduce in their appearance and the final consumer has no way to verify their authenticity and origin before purchasing or consuming.

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