Ylium Goal

The ultimate goal of the Ylium is to create value for the Enterprise market and allow anyone, any business, from small shops to large corporations to take full ownership of their own data, eventually deciding on how to share them and monetize them securely, transparently and with confidence.

Ready-to-use  blockchain technology

Eliminate the 3rd parties  to manage Enterprise data

Web3.0 Tools development

Trust and Transparency

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Ylium Goal

Ylium Ecosystem

The Ylium ecosystem is powered by the interactions among different participants, builders, creators, partners and users, whom have various motivations to contribute, support and use the Ylium platform.
The Ylium platform is at the very heart of the ecosystem,  it is the bridge between the transactional layer implemented in the Polygon blockchain and the applications created  by the community for the specific uses by  the Enterprises processes. The interactions among the participants are facilitated by the use of YLM, the native utility token, which has diverse use cases.

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Ylium Ecosystem

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Ylium Platform

YLM Platform

Ylium Platform

The foundation team developed an innovative platform that aims to provide developers tools, interfaces and APIs to seamlessly integrate Enterprise processes with the blockchain and allow easy management of such interactions through scalable user-friendly and freely available dApps. 

The platform architecture is designed to be OPEN to Users, Organizations, Data Owners & Technology providers. The  block diagram below summarizes the main components of the platform and its main functions;
The Ylium Core is delivering the key function (using smart contracts) that orchestrate the operations at the Blockchain layer; 
On top of the Core there is the Application Components layer, a set of specific web 3 protocols that are used by the Enterprises to smoothly connect processes and implement blockchain based solutions in a fast and efficient way. Read more.


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