Start here with Ylium

Following the steps below will enable you to start using the Ylium technology

  1. 1
    Identify a web3 address

    You'll require a web3 address, also known as a wallet address. You have two options: either utilize your existing wallet address or generate a new one using Metamask. Click here to create an address.

  2. 2
    Request Ylium token

    Send an email to the Team specifying your web3 address and requesting funds in Ylium tokens: Click here

  3. 3
    Enable your wallet

    Use Ylium Wizard and enable your Metamask wallet to interact with the Ylium platform: Click here.

  4. 4
    Use Ylium-ID component

    By utilizing Ylium-ID, businesses can securely store and verify their information, ensuring its integrity and immutability. Users can verify the authenticity of their important records, such as certificates and contracts, on this decentralized platform: Click here.


How to engage with YLIUM.

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Wizard Ylium
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Success Story

Solution for the notarization of documents in blockchain by the Egomnia Yilum Ecosystem partner

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