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We help companies to innovate with simplicity, trust and transparency.


RedApp (Repository Ethereum Data) is an application that uses smart contracts to notarize any data and documents in blockchain, in compliance with GDPR legislation.

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Bim + Blockchain = BIMChain

The innovation of the BIMChain application is based on the integration of Blockchain technology with BIM methodology to create an environment for sharing, collaboration, distribution and consenus through the use of Smart Contracts.

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Integrate Blockchain into your business processes

The OYB APIs allow you to integrate the potential of blockchain into your business processes.
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The value of our solutions

We offer solutions able to meet the business needs of companies:


We create Blockchain solutions without outsourcing information to third parties.

GDPR compliance

We use the Blockchain respecting privacy, in compliance with the GDPR legislation.


Based on the client's needs, we are able to use the potential of any public blockchain.


We integrate the blockchain into the processes and systems already used in the company, following Liquid Blockchain model.