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Ylium: Blockchain for Your Business, Simple and Fast

Ylium represents the cutting edge in adopting blockchain for business, making this revolutionary technology accessible, simple, and quick to implement. Our platform is designed to bring the power and benefits of blockchain directly into the hands of businesses, regardless of their size or industry.
With Ylium, integrating blockchain into your business model becomes a smooth and intuitive process. We have eliminated the technical complexity, allowing businesses to focus on tangible benefits: increased security, transparency, and efficiency. Our user-friendly interface and turnkey solutions enable a rapid transition to blockchain-based systems, ensuring an immediate impact on business operations.
With Ylium, blockchain is no longer an abstract concept or a complex technology to understand and manage. It is a practical tool, within reach of every business, that opens up new possibilities for growth and innovation. Discover today how Ylium can transform your business, bringing simplicity, speed, and innovation to the heart of your business strategy. Read more

The value of our Blockchain solutions

We offer solutions able to meet the business needs of companies:


We create Blockchain solutions without outsourcing information to third parties.

GDPR compliance

We use the Blockchain respecting privacy, in compliance with the GDPR.


Based on the client's needs, we are able to use the potential of any public blockchain.


We integrate the blockchain in processes and systems, based on Liquid Blockchain model.

Our Blockchain solutions

Blockchain solutions ready-to-market

Gcloud 13
G-Cloud 13: Blockchain interface for data notarization
ViSeQR: product antitampering solution
XCASE4Fire: the digital firefighting register in blockchain
Smart API
Smart API: Blockchain integration into applications and processes without UX&UI modications
e-BIM: solution for 3D models management
RedApp: data and documents notarization in Blockchain


Blockchain Consulting

Blockchain Consulting

We help companies to adopt the Blockchain through the use of consolidated, modular and adaptable methodologies to any business context, evaluating all the impacts related to the technology.
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Our courses are aimed at professionals from various  industrial sectors  (Banking, Telco, Energy, PA, others), who are interested in expanding their skills and understanding how Blockchain can bring value inside their own organization.
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Web 3.0

Web 3.0

Our service includes support and domain search on various blockchain networks, creation of the client Wallet, purchase and transfer of the domain to the client's Wallet.

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Become a partner

Joining our Partner Program you can use Blockchain solutions in White Label in order to create new business models and digital applications in a fast way without any investments risks.

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Partner Program